Wednesday, July 18

At Your Cervix

Sex educator, performing artist and an old friend of mine from my WOW Cafe days in the mid-90's, Amy Jo Goddard is directing the film At Your Cervix, a documentary on Pelvic Exams.

For any woman out there who, like me, dreads her annual gynecological exam, check this out from the film's website:

The documentary, At Your Cervix, answers these questions after entering medical and nursing institutions and uncovering the troubling and unethical ways students learn to perform breast and pelvic exams. These methods include nursing students “playing the patient” for their colleagues, and medical students “practicing” on unconscious patients. It also illuminates the history and importance of the Gynecological Teaching Associate Program, a revolutionary approach to teaching respectful, pain-free exams in which the “patient” herself is the teacher.

This important film on women's health is in need of finishing funds. Click here for donation options.

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