Monday, July 16

Sunday Fun

I attended two really fun events yesterday. First was the GLBT Blogger Weenie Roast at Cattyshack. It was a truly heaping helping of queer goodness and I got to hang out with Uffish, Christine, and Zaedryn. I also met the afternoon's lovely organizer and super-blogger Curly McDimple. Ms. McDimple has a post up about the Weenie Roast complete with link to photos.

Then on to Nichelle's latest clothes swap which was another good time. I got rid of a lot of stuff and I scored a denim jacket (I'd just told a friend I wanted a new one), high heeled boots, a skirt and a top - a whole outfit!

This was a Clothes & Queers weekend.

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z. said...

Hey there... it was nice talking to you for those two seconds I was there! :)