Wednesday, September 19

But you look so young!

Today is my birthday! 30 effing five. I know I've reached an advanced number as most people respond to my age with a quizzical look, stating, "but you look so young!" As if they, too, are baffled as to how this came about.

I will spend the day enjoying the fall weather.


finch said...


lucille104 said...

and so HOT :-)
35 ain't bad wait til you reach my age, 44. UGH
hope today was a great day

genevieve said...

Hey, I'm 59 going on 39!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Whether you're 25, 35 or beyond, you're still hot and I still dig you.


Christine said...

Happy Birthday! I really thought it was next Wednesday, but I guess that's the celebration.

I hope you did something very nice for yourself (and had nice things done for/to you.)

Tim Seitz said...

Just had my 39th b-day on Friday! Don't sweat it! If you know anyone who wants to be in a show about the 80's (freaks/outsiders/goths) check out my myspace -