Thursday, September 27

Chocolate Shoes

Tuesday: I read at Bluestockings as part of the Women/Trans' Poetry Jam alongside the awesome Christine Hamm. Christine read poetry and I read memoir in front of a fabulous audience. I really love Bluestockings and hadn't read there in a while so it was a real treat.

Last night: PVC was fantastic! I swear it wasn't fixed, but I won! Many thanks to comedians Mama Spell, Rob O'Reilly and Emily Epstein and poets Jane Cassaday (who came all the way from Syracuse!) and Evert Eden, who was a very last-minute addition to the show. Shayna Ferm belted out the dirty ditties and Carolyn was ablaze as usual. We were judged by Shawn Hollenbach as Bryan with a Y, Allen Warnock as Jean Baptiste and Michele Carlo as Carmen Mofongo. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so there are no pictures from the show.

For those of you who haven't been to PVC, the winner is determined after the top poet and top comedian do battle in a one-minute riff on a topic chosen by the audience. We have ten minutes to compose the riff while the musical guest performs. Last night's topic was "chocolate shoes," which pretty much joined together two of my favorite things.

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