Monday, September 3


On Saturday night, I went to see my friend Jenn Lindsay perform at Sidewalk Cafe. Jenn is one of my favorite musicians and one of a handful of singer/songwriters whose work I really enjoy. So I was honored when she wanted to turn my poem "Reasons to Stop" into a song. I've always had a hard time hearing other people read my work, I think it's a control thing, but I trusted Jenn's instincts and I was interested to hear her interpretaion. She sent me an mp3 of the song a few weeks ago and on Saturday she played it live for the first time. Jenn changed some of the verses around and added a few lines to make it flow. It's really well done and it was fun to hear my words in song form.

The song also gave me the chance to show off a bit to Tall & Adorable who accompanied me to the show. T/A seemed impressed and squeezed my leg as the song was being played. In the past, I've wooed dates with my own readings and performances, so it was interesting to do this through a third party.

Further wooing occurred when we returned to her home and a mouse was caught in a trap beneath her stove. T/A has been having a mouse problem in her apartment and is a bit wary of mice. I'm no fan of rodents myself, but I volunteered to do the deed and with the help of rubber gloves and a plastic bag, I was able to remove the poor critter.

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Chris said...

You guys are so cute with your mouse drama and all. :)