Sunday, October 14


T/A Update: T/A continues to rock. She's Tall and Adorable, very sweet and generally awesome. She's also well-liked by Lulu (who usually takes a while to warm up to people) which I take as a raving endorsement. My friends also dig T/A.

Webbing: I made a few small changes to my website and seem to have disabled the sidebar links on the main page. They're working on the other pages. I'm thinking perhaps a whole site redo is in order, but probably not for a while. And, as you've probably already noticed, I've been tinkering with the blog template too.

Autumn: It's rare that I enjoy being outside, but I've been digging the fall weather., it really is my favorite season.

Footwear: I got myself some cool, new knee-high boots as a belated birthday present. They were inexpensive and are incredibly comfortable. The jeans will be tucked in this winter.

Writing: Oh yeah, that's what I'm supposed to be doing. I have been writing in bursts, slowly getting stuff done.

Editing: The deadline for the anthology is tomorrow. I will be reading new submissions this week.

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