Wednesday, August 11

Edinburgh Here I Come!

Here's the info. for the Edinburgh shows. Boy, am I excited! I've already packed, got all my outfits together. More importantly, have my show together and have run through it a few times. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the other shows going on. There's so many!

My web designer Chrystal and I are putting together a new tiny chapbook and Chrystal made me so awesome little silver sticker to hand out in lieu of business cards. Looking good...

August 16-29
ShortFuse @ The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004!
@ Venue 39
Sweet on the Royal Mile
Radisson SAS Hotel, 80 High St
Running Time: 1 hour
Adults: £6.00
Featuring: Paul Lyalls, Nathan Penlington and Cheryl B.

September 1
Saltpetre Radio Show on Resonance FM
Hosted by Ms. Salena Saliva
Show is taped live in London, but aired over the web
11:30 pm

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