Monday, August 16


Can't believe I'm actually here! Edinburgh is such a beautiful little city. All hills and castles and old buildings, very nice. We're staying in a part called New Town - which still looks pretty old in a majestic way. Most of the Fringe venues are in Old Town just a short, scenic walk away.

Just came from our first show which went really well!!! Feels good to get the first one over with - sort of like losing your virginity - then you can't wait to do it again! I was really nervous because most of my material is brand new but it seemed to go over well.

Had to get up at 6 this morning for a tech rehearsal at 7, then went back home, took a short nap, headed out again at 12 to flyer for the show. There are THOUSANDS of people here mostly fellow performers, all handing out flyers. Lots of Drama students and at times, it looks like Tisch School of the Arts (my alma mater) or some other arts school had a volcanic eruption and vomitted its contents out onto the sidewalk. Flyering involves being really outgoing and flirty which is always a challenge for me, but I did well and handed out a large stack. We had an almost packed house (capacity 30) so between the three of us, we did pretty well.

People are very friendly. I met one fellow American today and have seen posters up for other New York acts like the Wau Wau Sisters and a few comedians I've seen in NYC.

We performed in front of hundreds at outdoor event yesterday called Fringe Sunday. It was in a big meadow and they had rides set up for the kids and people were having picnics. It was a nice day but I was told to cut all the curse words out of my poems on account of the children. I tried, but when I got up there I couldn't help myself and just kept blurting them out!!! It was like I had a temporary case of Tourretts or something... There was a little voice inside of me saying "Cunt, cunt, I MUST SAY CUNT!"

Flew to London overnight on Friday, then met the boys at Victoria Station and took a 6-hour train to Edinburgh - a nice ride through English countryside. Still getting over the jet lag, but I'm getting used to the time difference. The Red Bull, (or here it's Red Goose) helps.

Saw some Welsh comics last night and I'm looking forward to seeing some other shows including this one with female sumo wrestlers.

More updates tomorrow!

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