Tuesday, August 17

Rain Day

It's raining today and pretty dreary. Not many people out on the street, but we managed to get another nice audience at the show and they seemed to be very pleased. I think there was a reviewer present. I'll keep you posted. Unfortunately the space we're in is small, with no air conditioning the audience - and especially with the stage lights - us performers get very hot during the show. Other than that it's coming along well. I had an early night last night but expect to stay out later tonight. David, our sound technician is sick and I was talking to him and of course now I feel sick too! But I think it's all in my head. I may take something just in case. I made a list of all the shows I want to see. Unfortunately the sumo wrestlers are on at the same time we are. Bummer. One of my fellow performers pointed out that I am probably the only American poet performing at Edinburgh this year! Gotta represent yo. I also don't see too many other queer women around, but they have to be somewhere. We are everywhere after all.

Guess that's it for now. Check back tomorrow for the next excititing installment of "The B List does the Edinburgh Fringe Festival."

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