Monday, September 13

What is it with Feminism?

I spent a good portion of this weekend working my way through the pile of magazines that accumulated while I was away; three weeks of New Yorkers, September's Harper's, The Atlantic Monthly (I don't remember subscribing to this one, but it shows up every month).

I was particularly excited to see PJ Harvey on the cover of BUST. I love PJ Harvey's music, I think she's one of the best songwriters and performers out there, but I was disturbed by her complete dismissal of feminism. She's refused to call herself a feminist before, but this interview disturbed me on a deeper level for some reason. Alot of succesful mainstream female musicians refuse to acknowledge a feminist or in PJ Harvey's case in this interview, even a feminine edge in their work. I don't know if dissing feminism is part of a record deal, but sometimes it seems that way.

In the end, I judge the art not the artist and am still rocking out to her latest album although I think I like Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea better.

Speaking of BUST, I'm going to the BUST party tonight. Should be fun...

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