Monday, September 13

George & Martha

I've been off-line for the past few days, had one of those weird viruses on my computer at home. But now I'm back at work.

Saw a great show on Friday night called George & Martha at The Collective Unconscious. Despite the title, it's not a take on Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, but a theater piece starring performance artists Karen Finley and Neal Medlyn about a fetishistic affair between Martha Stewart and George Bush complete with diapers made out of feathers and toothpaste, full frontal nudity, an uncomfortably real simulated blow job and Bin Laden hiding up Bush's ass...

This much avant-garde stuff usually turns me off, but I thought both actors, especially Finley truly became the characters and turned out a really thoughtful, moving piece of theater.

At one point I caught a glimpse of Karen Finley's bare feet and
realized she was wearing the same shade of greenish nail polish on her toes that I was....

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