Friday, September 10

Things I Learned in Edinburgh

Whenever I travel, I realize new things about myself, my work, the direction of my life. Here I am going to share some of these things in this handy list:

1. I learned how to do the same show including the same banter, jokes and pranks in between pieces everyday for two weeks. I'm not a trained actor I've never attempted this before and I tend to make up stuff on the spot so it's good to have done it.

2. My piece "Nameless" which is itself a list of names I've been called, should be retired. It's the oldest piece in my show although I still love it and it goes over very well with audiences I just can't do it anymore. Will be put away for at least two years.

3. A push-up bra is a very good prop. I use the Victoria's Secret add-a-cup demi-bra. Combine this with a low-cut top and you automatically break the 4th wall.

4. Americans also have funny accents. Sometimes I think we just look like a giant society of vulgarians to the rest of the world.

5. I love performing, but I love writing even more.

6. Scotland is really cold.

7. The tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner from Aveda don't last for three weeks.

8. Edinburgh is beautiful and London is lovely, but my heart belongs to NYC.

There's probably more, can't think at the moment...

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