Friday, August 27

No Live Webcast Today

Well, the live webcast wound up not happening today after all. The production company's computers were down. Bummer. We were all looking forward to it and I wore my best outfit! It may happen tomorrow or Sunday, so check back if you're interested. The show went well and we had a good audience. I think a lot of people came from Big Word's Grand Poetry Slam last night where me and John Bush, Shortfuse's producer were Celebrity Guest Judges.

There's almost too much about the slam for me to write here. There were a lot of great people involved in the slam incuding an Australian woman named Sky and a guy named Mike from Montreal who was f**king hilarious. But overall suffice to say, it was a good reminder of why I left that scene behind long ago. Also, the judging was done in a weird way, on a scale of 1-100 and we wrote the scores on slips of paper and handed them to the host instead of holding up scorecards. And the slammers only had two minutes instead of three.

Afterwards we headed to Star Bar which has got to be my favorite pub in Edinburgh. The Poet John Hegley did a short hilarious set along with comedian Simon Munnery. It was great fun, but with my little cold/flu thing not even Red Bull could keep me awake so I cut out early.

Tonight I hope to catch a few shows, have a little list together. More news tomorrow.

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