Thursday, August 26

Lady Asleep in the Front Row

I swear a woman was asleep in the front row during my performance today, then at the end of each piece she would come alive and applaud then go back to sleep. Perhaps she was just meditating on my words or something... The rest of the audience was fabulous and they really seemd to enjoy themselves throughout our show.

Earlier today I went to see a show called The Thinnest Woman Wins by fellow New Yorker Dixie FunLee Shulman. The show involved baton twirling, modern dance, video, and a beauty pageant and focuesd on body image, the pressure women feel to get plastic surgery and hate themselves the way they are. Really well done.

I had a great time at last night's party for New Yorkers. I wish I had know about it earlier on the fetival. Either way, it was good to go and meet up with some really cool NYCer's. There was someone there from WNYC taping the group's discussion about being New York artists in Edinburgh. I didn't say much as I tend to be quiet at these types of things. But it will be cool to hear it on the air...

Also, feeling way better today. Took some cold medicine and went right home after the party last night. Off for another potato...

And don't forget, you can watch the webcast of our show tomorrow!!!

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