Wednesday, August 25

Coughing, Sneezing, Car Alarms

Heard my first Edinburgh car alarm today. It went off during my reading and we had the window open in our venue. I'm also a little ill with coughing, sneezing and all over yuckiness but managed to pull through the whole thing, car alarm and all. The audience was quiet, but seemed to enjoy themselves and nobody walked out...

Went to see the second installment of Drinking & Writing last night. And wound up hanging with those guys again until pretty late, which probably explains my sickness. The show was awesome and talked about the different stages of drunkeness; euphoria, confusion, stupor, coma... I'm missing a few but I've felt them all except coma... Anyway, got my ass kicked at foosball once again, but I'm determined to score at least one goal before my time in Edinburgh is over.

Been living on crisps (potato chips), Cadbury bars, pressed sandwiches, large mugs of milky tea. Looking forward to a juice fast when I get home.

This Friday, we're having a live-feed of our show on the internet. The show starts at 3:20 pm UK time, 10:20 am NYC time for anyone who's interested.

I think that's it for now. Time for a nap, then the meeting tonight with fellow New Yorkers!

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spicycontent said...

Hope you feel better-sounds like you are having a good time though!
see you soon-