Sunday, November 28

Back to school...

Geez, the long weekend is over already. I could use another four days or even four weeks.

Had a productive day. I've noticed I get more done on the weekends now that I don't get the NY Times delivered. I still read it on line. But I think the absence of the physical paper keeps me focused on other things. I think this is due in part to my urge to read every publication as soon as I receive it in the mail. I do this with all my magazines, pity the day I get two at once, I wind up either going back and forth between the two or trying to pick just one. Also, and this is probably the real reason - I can use any excuse for procrastination. So the less distractions the better.

Anyway, made it to Pilates today despite the thunderstorm. The class was pretty intense so I left feeling completely worked out and stretchy. Then went to hang with my laptop at my usual and people watched. Met up with Ms. Winnie and went back to her house to watch a quirky Christmas movie called Noel, which was better than most Christmas movies but really not that interesting. Then again, I'm down on the Xmas in general.

Finishing up a piece that I will send to my writing group for our discussion on Wednesday.

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