Saturday, November 27


Back in the Brooklyn - so much better than the N-J which I had a little too much of this time around. Only three nights and I felt like I was regressing; fighting with my mom like a teenager, eating too much candy, watching TV for hours on end. I had to leave before my hair got bigger and my nails hideously longer.

Speaking of regression, I'm listening to The Immaculate Collection just felt like it for some reason and trying to do some work.

I tried to go to the gym today but found out they close at 4:30 on Saturdays now instead of 5:30. I think I've had it with the public gym. And I'll just have to lay out the cash and join the real gym up the street. But I'm looking forward to Pilates tomorrow, I've never been on a Sunday and I need a workout after all the eating the past few days.

Just watched Morvern Callar which is excellent and Samantha Morton is really hot.

Off to do some work on an essay I'm almost done with or stare out the window in front of my desk. Whichever comes first.

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