Friday, November 26

WOTW - Thanksgiving Edition

Still in the N-J. Just here with my mom and Aunt Molly, quieter now that my brother and his girlfriend and my uncle left. Against my better judgement, I went shopping today, mostly for gifts but I managed to find a cute tartan print purse with patent vinyl trim for myself. My aunt liked the purse and suggested I get a short plaid skirt to match it, then find myself a hot date. It was funny hearing the phrase "hot date" come out of her mouth. She is after all my great aunt.

Anyway, in honor of the great American tradition of mixing holidays and rampant consumerism I give you the Thanksgiving edition of the Word of the Week, as usual, culled from the Merriam Webster Word of the Day e-mails.

This Week's Word:
frenetic \frih-NET-ik\ adjective

: frenzied, frantic

My sentence:
Unfortunately, I broke my promise to partake in buy nothing day and dove into the "biggest shopping day of the year," along with the other frenetic shoppers.

Bonus Word:
dilatory \DIL-uh-tor-ee\ adjective

1 : tending or intended to cause delay
*2 : characterized by procrastination : tardy

My sentence:
Because of the holiday, I have been dilatory in working on my various writing projects.

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