Thursday, November 25


Had a basically enjoyable day here in the N-J. Minimal family fighting and my mother's dog let me pet him, he usually looks as if he'd like to kill me so this is progress. My mother served too much food as always and I tried all three desserts, including the cream puffs which my 90-year old Aunt Molly made especially for me, "since you love them so much." I don't think I've ever in my life said I loved cream puffs, I mean, they're okay, but I can't recall ever publicly expressing a specific fondness for them over say, blueberrry crumb pie or carrot cake, both of which I absolutely adore.

My mother did some of her famous nagging: "you want some more food?" pause, "you want some more food?" pause "you want some more to eat?" pause "you barely ate anything" pause "are you getting crazy with your food again?" Which of course caused me to snap back with an anger of adolsecent proportions, "Leave Me Alone, for Chrissakes!"

Oops, I just realized I used the term "adolescent proportion" in a recent poem (about my mother). Does this mean I plagiarized myself?

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for a lot of things:

- my apartment which if all goes well be paid for in full when I am 57
- my friends (they know who they are)
- my relationship with my ex-girlfriend Winnie (It probably sounds wildly dysfunctional to say my best relationship is with my ex, but it's true and I'm glad we still love each other so much)
- my adoring cats Sabrina and Lulu who come equipped with built in purring/massage action

I am sure there's more, but can't think at the moment.

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