Sunday, November 14


Got in at 3 a.m. this morning. Haven't been out that late in a long time. Had a great time hanging out at STAIN Bar with some of the New School peeps. Fellow MFA alum Ms. Krista Madsen owns the lovely joint in East Williamsburg. I was particularly envious of the tin ceilings. They had all sorts of wine drinks like diablo's blood (wine and black cherry soda)and popped cherry (wine and cream soda with a cherry). Me, being the tee-totaller had a long, cool cream soda, which looks like a whiskey when served in a high-ball glass with ice.

Topics of conversation included: ORGIES (you had to be there), writing (of course), getting old(we're all in our thirties), and inevitably THE ELECTION.

Headed for the train around 1:30 where we were accosted by all manner of rats on the platform. After waiting for the L, then the N, I didn't get home until 3.

Didn't make it to the other party for the artist's colony or to Toys in Babeland. Wound up spending $325 at the VET yesterday to get Sabrina's thyroid tested, we'll et the results Tuesday. I'm really nervous and I hope she's okay. So anyway, after spending that kind of money, no new riding crop for me...

Speaking of which, don't forget, I'll be forcing my hand tonight at RKB's book party.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were a friend of Krista's! Isn't the bar incredible??!! And the patio????
She's so amazing making her dream really happen!
Cheers, Felicia