Tuesday, November 16

Red, red, red

My favorite Yahoo headline this morning.

Had a work event last night that kept me running all day yesterday with no time to blog about Sunday's Spanking party. Had a great time. Ran into GirlBomb whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Got to hang with some great ladies and fend off some really creepy dudes - this one in particular who wanted me to "make my ass all red, I want my ass all red." There are some pics of me in my spanking garb up on Last Night's Party my face is cropped/obscured in most of them (I'm the one in the "Ask me for a Spanking" t-shirt)which may not be a bad thing. It was all about the t-shirt and paddle anyway. I danced with the awesome Felice Shays, enjoyed some cupcakes and met some cool people. But, alas, no dates (which was of course my main motivation for being the official party spanker anyway).

Feeling better today knowing the work thingie went well and with that 2-months long weight lifted I can get around to my backlog of arty stuff. More on my progress later.

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