Thursday, December 23

domestic diva

today worked half a day. finished my main copywriting assignment but still have a smaller one to polish this weekend then i can invoice and get my money.

came home. finished up my food shopping. put in three loads of laundry. cleaned the house inside and out. got rid of a ton of recycling. made brownies (from scratch) and made my tomato sauce (also from scratch using grandma B.'s recipe) and the filling for the baked ziti. i'm totally knackered and in need/want of a hot bath and a good book. my tub is sparkling clean and i want to get naked in it. think i'm gonna finish off Ann Bannon's Odd Girl Out which amazingly i am reading for the first time. also got my Best Lesbian Erotica contributor's copies in mail today. it looks fabulous! i can't wait to sink my loins into it later tonight.

okay off to soak.

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