Saturday, December 25

bah humbug

it's that time again. luckily i don't have to go to nj. my mom is here with me in my apartment after we drove back together from dinner my at Aunt Molly's house in SI. last night went by fairly quickly and i made it through unscathed. a highlight of the ferry trip was the guy staring at me as i pored over my copy of Best Lesbian Erotica 2005. the look of fascination mixed with disgust was priceless. i highly recommend Madeline Oh's "Our Women Know What to Do."

i'm having trouble breathing at the moment due to my mother's heavy perfumes and cigarette smoke but i will survive. my OCD uncle will be by later and my ex-girlfriend wil be joining us as well. and that's pretty much my family.

my mother is imploring me to put on some xmas music... ugh. she's also re-cleaning everything i've spent the last few days scrubbing away on.

earlier in the day yesterday, i came close to finishing a poem i've been working on for a long time and re-titled it. so i feel like i accomplished something.

i have a long list of resolutions, changes, things i want to do in the new year. i've pretty much come to realize that i'll probably never get absolutely everything done that i put on my list but it is a good guideline to have. i looked at last year's list and i've done about 80% of stuff i said i would and i think that's pretty good.

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