Sunday, December 26

the morning after

survived xmas with few scars.

witnessed a cock fight in my adorable, yellow kitchen, between my brother and my uncle over the war in Iraq, Vietnam, they even went as far back as WWII during which neither of them were alive and witness to. my brother loves Fidel Castro. my uncle loves fox news so you can form your own scenario as to how the fight went. my mother stood between the two to keep them from punching each other. each spewed forth their ideologies; my brother so left he's fallen off the face of the earth, my uncle reciting the right wing mantras like yoga chants. later on they both sat watching the football game as the women folk served them their heaping plates of food. i couldn't wait for everyone to get the hell out of my house.

my ex winnie came bearing her famous carrot cake, polenta, spinach flan and some awesome makeup gifts for me. She didin't stay very long but we were able to watch some more episodes of "The Family Guy." Later on, I watched the second season of "The Office," which cracks me up and makes me yearn for England.

off for breakfast with my mom. then to finish some work. i need a vacation from xmas vacation.

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