Sunday, December 19

Party All The Time

Wow, what a weekend. Where do I start? I'm totally behind on blogging, but here are a few good reasons I've been off line.

Friday: had a great time being the Raffle Girl at the Publishing Triangle holiday party. Sold a lot of tickets and got to mingle with the crowd and nibble a lot of cheese. Got to chat more with Kathleen Warnock about the upcoming reading on the 28th. And even won myself a prize - a fabulous Star Wars lunchbox complete with Han Solo action figure. Unfortunately it's not a '70's oringinal, just from the Trilogy collection.

Then met up with Ms. Winnie and headed over to a gathering at Spruce Flower shop in the W. Village. My feet were killing me from selling tickets in my 4-inch heels all night so I was decadent and bought a pair of sneakers at a store on 14th St. They're Roos, and I have to say, they are the coolest looking sneakers I've ever come across. A pretty good find for an impulse buy. At some point during the Spruce party, two people got up on a counter and shotgunned beers. Unfortuntely, I was standing right in front of them and wound up getting doused in CoorsLight. I haven't had that much beer near my body in years. It felt weird on my skin,the smell was so close I could almost taste it. We promptly left.

Friday's third and final party took place in Park Slope and was filled with dear old friends from my brief stint as an up-and-coming playwright. Renee, who directed several of my plays back in the day was visiting from planet LA where she is now a TV talent agent, I will probably see her again next week before she returns to the other coast.

Saturday: All Desert afternoon holiday party at Isabel's house. Isabel is an amazing cook and I ate a little of every dessert except the mousse. I'm not a mousse person. All the sugar had me crashing hard and I wound up missing my evening party...

Sunday: Just returned from Elena's annual potluck dinner. Made some black bean chili from my special recipe. Unfortunately, I bought parsley instead of cilantro at the supermarket and I think the chili was definitely missing that extra kick.

Other than that, I spent the weekend food shopping and cleaning to prepare for my tiny get-together on Christmas. Will probably just be my mom an my ex coming, but my inner Italian grandmother is in overdrive.

Also took Sabrina for her second set of blood tests today. I'll find out in a few days if her blood sugar is lower. It cost more money, and I told her I was going to put her on the street with an organ grinder soon, which probably wouldn't be the best job for a cat, but she would look so cute! Okay my inner crazy cat lady is coming out. Enough.

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