Friday, December 17

survived the erotica reading and the lingerie

The BLE reading went well. I managed to read about half of my piece and avoided the potentially embarassing sex parts. This was probably sort of passive-aggressive on my part, but it got people interested enough to have them want to purchase the book to get to the sex. I really like the character, Lina an Italian American girl whose POV the story is told in. She's an 18 year old living in New Jersey in 1989 and her life is about to make an unexpected turn. She's sort of like me, but I'm a bit younger, and unlike Lina my adolescence was marred by both obesity and anorexia. I think I'd like to do more with her in the future, I think she has a good story to tell.

Made it out to the old neighborhood to the lingerie as well. Amazingly, the trains were not screwy and commuting both ways was not usual nightmare. Met some cool people and got to see GirlyNYC and Nichelle. Some of the vintage lingerie on display was just gorgeous and I was tempted to buy myself a satin leopard print palazzo jumpsuit, but decided against it - still haven't finished my xmas shopping. Ba Humbug.

Wow, it's way past my bedtime! Off for some eye cream and beauty sleep.

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