Monday, December 13

Yet Another December Reading - 12/28

Even though I promised myself I wouldn't take on any more this month, I couldn't resist this one:

In a Blue State
Rants, reflections and elegies about 11/2

Cheryl B., Donna J. Bungo,
Sarah D. Bunting, Regie Cabico,
Dr. Donna Gaines, Donald Olson
And other special, surprise guests!
With your hostesses Carol Rosenfeld & Kathleen Warnock
85 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505 3360
Tuesday, December 28, 7pm. FREE.

Where were you on 11/2? Getting out the vote, no doubt. And watching,waiting,hoping, praying, cursing, as the results trickled in. Then, of course, writing about it. Poet Carol Rosenfeld and playwright Kathleen Warnock received many powerful, heartfelt poems, essays and prayers in the days after the election, and rather than just hit forward they decided to go forward, by organizing a reading of some of the saddest, maddest,funniest, and wisest pieces.

Coming all the way from the Blue State of Oregon, playwright/novelist
Donald Olson (Queer Corners) will read his Elegy and other poems;libertarian, newly-confirmed Episcopal former yeshiva girl (and stalwart Second Amendment supporter) Dr. Donna Gaines Teenage Wasteland, Misfit's Manifesto will read her Lamentations, Sarah D. Bunting( will read This is Not Over, which spurred the
formation of Donna Bungo will read God, I'm Bushed.Poets Cheryl B. and Regie Cabico will read contributions from playwright Robert Patrick (the poem 11/2) and Daniel J. Blau Ĺ“Dear John Kerry)among other pieces of poetry and prose designed to enrage, outrage, and engage interested Americans (and their friends).

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