Sunday, January 2

the suck down zone

Had another lazy day yesterday. Since it was relatively warm, I put on a really cute mini-skirt outfit then realized my little cat had pissed on my high heeled boots. So I had to change.

Headed over to Winnie's for breakfast. She was sick so we just layed around watching a bad B&W movie called "The Village of the Damned" where all the children were aliens with glowing silver eyes.

Afterwards, I headed over to Goddess Perlman's place for her annual New Year's Brunch. We feasted on lasagna and chatted. Then Goddess treated us to a screening of "1 Night in Paris" the Paris Hilton porn video which was deeply disturbing. Talk about glowing eyes - the video was shot in nightvision so Paris has these glowing yellow eyes and seems to be half asleep throughout the whole thing. At one point her paramour tells the camera he's going to give her a "suck down" which I guess was his sexy way of saying "oral sex."

Following this, we headed out to the lovely Tainted Lady Lounge in Williamsburg for cokes and dessert. Girly and I shared a chocolate volcano and were both very pleased.

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