Saturday, January 1

a new year

Made it to two parties last night and got home by 1:30. Currently having my first cup of caffeine for 2005. Wound up running into a bunch of people I knew at Joanna Fuhrman's fun shindig, which proves my theory that there are maybe 2 degrees of seperation in the NYC literary community and everybody does really know everybody else. I wound up handing out a bunch of flyers for next week's reading. I didn't mean to work the room, but I did.

Earlier last evening I was thinking about the great things that came to me in 2004. So, I made a little list: my blog, pilates, Edinburgh, my reading series, great new friends, new outlook on writing and a greater sense of maturity. Also, I now own my own place, actually signed the papers last New Year's Eve, but I finally feel like it's mine. (It actually belongs to Chase Manhattan Bank) but in 25 short years... So I really want to finish all my renovations.

On the resolutions front, I did join a new gym and got a great deal. So you can cross that one off.

And perhaps the biggest achievement; this month I'm sober 4 years! Go me.

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