Monday, January 31

the week ahead...

This is going to be a busy week! Tim W. arrives from London on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to late nights with lots of Red Bull and drunken chatter.

Tomorrow night I'll be at RKB's to-do at Toys in Babeland. I won't be administering any spankings this time around but I'm looking forward to a naughty good time.

From RKB:
"You know you don't want to miss tomorrow's Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z reading at 7 pm (be on time cause we're starting on time!) at Toys in Babeland, 94 Rivington Street. Time Out New York recommends it!

With me, Jonathan Ames, Sacchi Green, Tsaurah Litzky and Michele Zipp, and cupcakes!

It's the first reading from the book ever and probably the last in NYC for a long while. Plus then you can buy the book and get it signed AND buy the perfect toys for spanking. I'm gonna use the gift card I was given for Hannukah for something fun and naughty myself."

Time Out New York also recommends my reading on Friday. I feel so cool...

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