Monday, March 7

new couch city

There is new furniture in my living room. A couch, big chair and matching ottoman, all in a neutral sage green. I purchased the pieces in NJ last weekend and they were just delivered today. They look odd, probably because they're brand new and I've never purchased brand new furniture before. In the past I've gotten my stuff in a variety of different ways: refuse off the street, hand-me-downs, inherited furniture from dead relatives, stuff hanging out in my mother's garage for years, flea markets and if purchased from a store, it was of the "slightly abused" floor model variety. This is true of all things I've owned except for one futon mattress and an unfortunate vinyl couch purchased from IKEA 5 years ago.

On top of all the living room excitement, I ordered a new kitchen table and chairs today and went food shopping. I feel like a grown up.

Now I just have to figure out how to keep the cats from turning all this stuff into yet another abstract art project.

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