Friday, April 8

pleather shoes in a rainstorm

Well, the Joan Jett show was fabulous. Many thanks to KW (who has to get her many websites up soon so I can go link crazy) for getting the tix and inviting me along. Suffice to say Joan rocked out and looked amazing. She is an absolute icon.

Thanks to the beautiful weather yesterday I was sporting my new 40's-style chunky strap heels. I walked about 30 blocks in them without incident but after standing 4 hours at the show my feet were on fire! I could barely hobble over to the Union Square subway from Webster Hall, not a long walk, but treacherous under the circumstances. On the way I ran into an old friend. It started to pour and we quicky parted. There's nothing worse than wearing pleather shoes in a rainstorm. I had the urge to take them off and walk barefoot, but decided against it. Who know's what's lurking in those puddles?

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