Wednesday, April 6

rock on

So, tomorrow night I'm going to see Joan Jett! I haven't been to a live rock show in such a long time.

I think the last one may have been Le Tigre over a year ago. I remember my ex and I were still together and we got into a fight at Veg City diner afterwards. I can't remember exactly what the fight was about, but I do remember she was quite stoned when we met up at the show and this was right after SHE promised not to get stoned if we were going to see each other. And when I brought up this fact she blew up, threw money on the table and stormed out the diner, leaving me with my fake sausage quesadilla. That was an unusual scene for us, really one of a kind. We typically weren't a scene-maker couple. Anyway, looking back, that may have been the beginning of the end. And I wound up breaking up with her from the Minneapolis airport on my home from touring this time last year.

My ex and I are on pretty good terms now. But it was pure hell for the first few months.

I'm currently experiencing a case of Spring Fever. Feeling free and frisky...

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