Monday, January 30

are you a southern slam queen?

Sunday March 5th. Southern Slam Queen Individuals.
GREENVILLE, SC: On Sunday, March 5th, Wits End Poetry presents the first annual Southern Slam Queen Individuals at 7:30 in the Coffee Underground Theatre at 1 East Coffee Street in downtown Greenville. The inaugural year is limited to the top 15 female slammers from across the south east lyrically battling for the new title Southern Slam Queen and $500 in prizes. More information at

Those interested in competing in three-round slam should contact Kimberly Simms at kimberly at for information on how to register. Like all slam events, competitors will be judged by 5 randomly chosen members of the audience. The mission of the Southern Slam Queen Individuals is to celebrate powerful female southern voices.

Registration deadline is February 20th.

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