Monday, January 9

atomic/the l word

Another great ATOMIC last night. Jami Attenberg read from her novel in progress which made reference to a certain former snowy locale in Williamsburg, Shari Goldhagen read from her forthcoming novel Family and Other Accidents which I can't wait to read, James Braly read a chapter from his hilarious and touching nonfiction book Life In a Marital Institution: I Should Be Committed and Alicia Vasquez wowed us with her poetry including a piece about wedgies.

This was followed by a viewing of the first episode of this season's The L Word at Girly's. At some point during the show (it may have been the final episode of last season which we watched beforehand) one of the characters used the term "sexually interchangeable" which I liked and am sticking with as a self-identifier for now. And the character of Shane, I was happy to see, has Again.

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