Monday, January 9

half a name

I found this review of Reactions 5 up on Ralph Mag. RALPH stands for The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities.

And they included my poem "Sunday Afternoon in a Highway in New Jersey" filed under the subject "Abortion Poetry / 1980's" which sort of sums it up.

from the review:
"You can usually tell what an editor likes by a page count. Of the nineteen poets represented here, one, "Cheryl B." wins, with thirteen pages of her own. And (flaring our nostrils) I suspect we would agree, even if it is more of the usual: "dirty toilets," "caked-on dust through cutoff straws into our noses," abortions, sarcasm, pet snakes. You are sitting next to someone on a couch and "you are both eaten by flames." At least we know why Cheryl only gives us half a name."

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