Tuesday, May 23

queen of the oddballs

Last night I went to see Hillary Carlip read from her hilarious new book Queen of the Oddballs. She read a section about being on The Gong Show, where she juggled three balls while wearing an evening gown and singing a song. Nichelle has the actual
from the show up on her blog.

I'm two chapters into Queen of the Oddballs and loving it.

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Kitty said...

The clip made me laugh anyway. All my pals seem glum this week so it was nice to see something cheerful.
I think we all have SAD here - the weather in the UK is dire and dreadful at the moment and British people are obsessed with the weather, they talk about it all the time. I'm sure it could be used as some sort of test of Britishness - if you can talk about percentage cloud cover and the likelihood of rain for at least 30 mins in every hour, then you are a true Brit.
(I think I've just qualified!!)