Wednesday, May 24


I opened a blog for PVC. There's really nothing up there yet, so I'm not posting the link until it's more presentable. Still haven't gotten on myspace though and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one not on there, at least of all my friends.

Felt like the sciatica was creeping up on me again. Luckily, a short trip on the cross-trainer at the gym seems to have kept it away. I really am getting old.

Interviewing the very lovely and extremely talented Janice tomorrow for a piece I'm writing.

Less insomnia, but more weird dreams. Go figure.

Still about three paces behind in work, but getting there.

Going to Boston on Sunday for the Lisa King Memorial.

Completed a draft of another section of my book. I will finish this thing someday soon, I swear!

1 comment:

Kitty said...

There would appear to be synchronicity in cyberspace as the PTB bloggers have all had funny dreams this week. Perhaps you have been infected via my persistant comment leaving?
You are having a good influence though. I actually ordered that book you mentioned yesterday since one of the PTB lot was also making me feel lazy for never reading anything.
Old? I don't think so!!