Sunday, May 21

speedo libido

Had a lot of fun last night. Jenn never fails to astound me. And my good friend Heidi Joy Schmid took the photo for the cover of Perfect Handful.

Tsaurah's play was fantastic. Her signature wit and rhyme really shined through in this tale of hard-drinking and sexing poets. One standout phrase: Speedo Libido.

Afterwards, we headed up to Nowhere on 14th Street. You gotta love any establishment that has the words "Gay Bar" stenciled across the bottom of the front door. True to this promise, we walked in on the middle of an impassioned Madonna sing-along. It was one of her earlier hits, but I can no longer recall which one.


Kitty said...

Le Chat and her blogslutting!!! She has impeccable taste though, you are absolutely gorgeous.
New York - so cool. But we have cool gay bars here in Manchester too - speedo libido would be a good name for one.
Thought I'd leave you a comment, just in case you were missing the offerings of my better half(probably not!!) She's ill poor thing.
Ruth xxx

girly said...

I liked "would you put your head between my legs and scramble my eggs?"