Tuesday, June 20

i'm back

Sorry for the week-long absence. I just needed a little break. I've been busy.

Anyway, this is what's been happening:

- Went to see Jami Attenberg read from her new book Instant Love

- Went to a restaurant called Burgers and Cupcakes for Burger and Cupcake Dinner of course

- Went to a cocktail party on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum (I highly recommend the view)

- Finished writing a piece for an online magazine (should be up over the next few weeks)

- Stayed out past 1 on Saturday night, slept late on Sunday - just like the old days

- Decided to go to LONDON for my birthday in September (actually the week after my birthday but still a treat). I will have British tour dates soon

Okay, that's it for now, will be back soon. I promise.


Kitty said...

I thought you had a thing about heights? Exactly what view were you admiring?

London, that's cool. Will come and see you In the Flesh then.

Lucky you getting a lie-in. Can't remember the last time we got one of those.

Alice said...

London? So fun!