Tuesday, June 13


I'm going through some changes. Not THE change, but changes nonetheless. Blogging will be light(er) for the immediate future as I strive to complete my book and get some other stuff in order.

I'm working with BVAN on re-designing my website and this blog. The website will be up by the end of the summer, the blog will be re-done over the next month. I've seen the preliminary design and it's really nice.

Reading at In The Flesh next week along with several other fine queer scribes. Should be a blast. After this, I'm reading-free for six weeks.

I'm quite excited to be meeting with a new writing group - with some really kick-ass awe-inspiring writers - beginning in early July. Good stuff.


Kitty said...

Good for you. But don’t make the blogging too light, belle étrangère.

Kitty said...

Surely a weekly blog update is not too much to expect?

Light blogging, not feather or bantam weight blogging, please.

Hope you are OK anyway. Say miaow to Lulu from me.