Wednesday, June 7

pink ink this weekend...

Don't Miss PINK INK This Weekend!

One of the Publishing Triangle's biggest events of the year, PINK INK, isonly a few days away. An LGBT literary conference and book fair, PINK INK 2006 will take place at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City (208 West 13th Street) on June 10 & 11. There will be workshops, panel discussions, readings, a book fair, and a walking

Some events at PINK INK are free: There is a reading series organized by Cheryl B. on both Saturday and Sunday. And if you are in the neighborhood on Saturday, stop by and check out our Book Exhibit on the first floor.

Among the many exciting panels lined up for PINK INK are professional development panels such as Saturday's "Flaming Self-Promotion" featuring Dave King, author of The Ha-Ha, and Sunday's "Sex on the Page" featuring Wayne Hoffman, author of Hard, and Rich Merritt, author of Memoirs of a Gay Marine Porn Star. There are also panels on cultural topics such as "The
Book That Made Me Gay," in which James Earl Hardy, Trebor Healey, and other authors share their "first time" with a queer book, and "We're Funny That Way," a humor panel moderated by Bob Smith with recent winner of the Violet
Quill Award, Brian Sloan.

It costs $10 to attend any of these panels, or you can purchase a day pass or a weekend pass to access as many panels as you want. (Publishing Triangle members get a discount.) For a complete schedule and pricing information, visit the PINK INK page on the Publishing Triangle's website ( Sign up at the registration desk at the Center on Saturday or Sunday; do not mail in registration forms this close to the event.

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