Tuesday, June 6

more whining

Whether being referred to as a "fatty pants" by my ex in a national magazine or being Dumped IN THE MIDDLE OF HAVING SEX, not to mention the death of my longtime feline companion or the day-to-day inertia I seem to suffer from, it's been a really crappy few months.


Anonymous said...

hey don't be a pessimist, what about sunshine and nice weather, what about candy and roast beef?

Cheryl B. said...

I don't eat rost beef, but the other stuff is good.

Christine said...

Aww, you are so not fatty pants! Where do people come up with this stuff?

Also, I have a theory about being dumped in the middle of sex, which has happened to me, more than once -- I think it's just someone being overwhelmed by the intimacy of sex and being too immature to handle it so they feel they need to run away, immediately.