Saturday, June 3


Okay, now it's pouring out.

I've been up for four hours, sitting in front of my laptop for the past two and I'm on my third cup of coffee. This has yielded me a bit of e-mail catching up, two paragraphs of a piece I'm writing, a few photos scanned and a cat on my lap purring for most of this time. I guess it's not so bad, but I wish I was more productive.

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Kitty said...

Perhaps the coffee wasn’t such a good idea? According to this rather boring little piece of helpful advice it not only reduces productivity and causes lapses of concentration but as a diuretic will also have you disturbing the poor cat as you rush off to the loo every five minutes. Poor Lulu.
It’s beautiful here today. I hope it has stopped raining with you and that you have a good evening (when it arrives).
Will you post a photo of Lulu sometime?