Friday, February 2

Blogs More Interesting Than This One

I truly admire Lesbian Dater at Bad Lesbian Dates. No matter how bad the lesbians get, she keeps her cool and wittily reoprts back.

Also on the dating theme, Ladyred from Postcards From Guyville, articulately covers a topic close to my loins (although not for some time), queer women sleeping with men.

Ladyred's topic today is blind dates, which I have never experienced. Actually, I probably went on more "official dates" last year than any other time in my life, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know where that got me. As a socially backward individual, I don't do too well with one-on-one converstaions, which is why I've avoided cold dating all these years. Most of my past relationships began as one night stands, which goes against the popular "wait until the third date" nonsense. I think sex or at least some making out is a good "getting to know you" technique, if you don't hate the person in the morning, then perhaps you have something to work with. For the moment though, I'm staying beneath my rock. Other people are nothing but trouble.

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