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Cool Bi Anthology CFS

I'm not involved in this, but I may submit something if I can come up with a good idea. Please contact Sheela below for info.



What is a bi short story?

We are seeking stories that illuminate something about the experience of being bi. Stories can focus on relationships, romance, dating and sex, of course, but we’d like to see more than that. We’d like to see stories about relationships with parents, relatives or children…Passover Seder anyone? We’d like a bi military story, a bi same-sex marriage story, a senior citizen story, a job discrimination or acceptance story, a story about a bisexual pet…from the pet’s point of view. We want to see bi athletes, bi cowboys, bi action-heros, spys, super-heros and vampires. Bi friends go to a movie, bump into their exes who dumped them, and hold hands; pretending to be on a date.

A bi artist struggles to finish a painting.

A bi person has a spiritual vision.

A bi transsexual teacher who leaves for summer vacation as Don and comes back on the first day of school as Donna.

All genres such as fantasy, science-fiction, romance, historical, mystery, western, vampires, etc. as well as contemporary fiction are encouraged.

Sex scenes in the context of a story are fine but erotica not accepted.

Be creative.

We are so tired of the overused bisexual plot: bi person cheats on lover, causing pain to everyone. A couple of these have been accepted because they were well written, and contained something unexpected.

If you’ve already written one, send it in and it will be reviewed. If you are starting something new,please come up with something more original.

Requirements & Publishing Info

There is no pre-set maximum story length.

A chapter (or chapters) of an unpublished novel may be submitted if it can stand alone.

Deadline has not yet been imposed but we can’t wait to see your work!

We plan to submit to traditional publishers

but if that doesn’t work out we will self-publish.

Title page of manuscript should have in the upper left corner or centered on top:
Story title & author's pen name (or legal name if the same) on first line.

Author's legal name, email address, street address, phone number and genre of story below. Start story right below, no large blank space. If story has been published anywhere before, please state when and where. Submit as attachment along with bio to info at biwriters dot org. Your bio should specify whether you are bi and if not,say what qualifies you to write a bi short story. If beginning work on a new story, send “intention to submit” to:

Sheela Lambert at info at biwriters dot org

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