Thursday, June 28


I've been a bad blogger the last few weeks. I've probably been a bad blogger all along, but I've recently been lax about posting. I'm teetering between not much going on and being almost overwhelmed. Still looking for a job, booking PVC for the next three months, working on a short series of essays while I take a break from the memoir and preparing for a new project of sorts which I will announce when it's under way. And I must confess, despite my pledge to celibacy in the last post, I've been poking around on dating websites.

Also, feel like I have a bit of a summer cold/flu. Yuck.

I've been having shoe-related issues:

My feet were bleeding and throbbing with pain as I wore my semi-expensive black patent platform wedge heels to my friend's party a little while ago. I had purchased these shoes online back in December as a Christmas present for myself even though I knew they were a half size too small and I don't have a job. I'd actually never worn them out for an entire night, and after simply walking to the subway and changing trains, I could barely take it anymore. I stopped at a Strawberry and bought a different pair of black patent heels. Although they're my correct size and have a lower heel, the shoes are not platforms and are a lot harder to walk in. I don't know how women walk in stilettos.

A few weeks ago, I purchased cute low-top slip-on gray Converse sneakers when one of the cheap but comfortable platforms I was wearing literally fell apart while walking in Park Slope. I guess that's what happens when you buy strappy pleather shoes for $7.99. Anyway, the Converse are great and I think this may be my sneaker summer.

Then this past Monday, I realized as I was getting ready for my job interview that almost all my dressy shoes are open-toed, which are probably not appropriate footwear for the occasion. I didn't have time to buy new ones, so I chose what I thought were the least offensive pair to wear with my skirt suit. Luckily I had already removed the green toenail polish.

End shoe talk.

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